Terms & Conditions

1. About UTEENI

UTEENI is a product/platform from Connectica PTE Ltd - a Singaporean entity, represented in Thailand by its subsidiary Connectica Directory Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. When referring to UTEENI in this document, we refer both to the product/platform, and the legal entities providing the product/platform.

2. Product Definition

UTEENI is a product/platform for various services, mainly related to a third party’s opportunity to do Internet related searches in order to find the customer's data on the website www.uteeni.com, and possibly other services not defined in this document. The criteria related to searching is of importance for third parties to find and access websites, and UTEENI are free to change criteria for search as UTEENI best sees fit for end users, or for other reasons. UTEENI collects data which is publically available from shops, businesses and service providers (or by asking for this data in person through our data collection program), and makes it available through the UTEENI platform UTEENI let's business owners sign up and register their business(es) on UTEENI for marketing purposes UTEENI is currently FREE to use, and it is FREE to register one or more businesses

3. Compensations/Responsibilities

UTEENI takes no responsibility for any indirect loss, as a result of errors, delays or missing information. Users shall keep UTEENI free from damage from any and all claims from third parties that may occur as a result of the user's search information and advertising material. It is illegal to register a business or claim ownership to a business that you are not an authorized representative of If a business no longer wants their information listed on UTEENI, UTEENI will remove the published information after receiving such request from an authorized person from the business. It is the business'/listing's authorized representative's responsibility to make sure that only legal content is registered in their business listing(s), and that no laws are broken when registering data. If UTEENI discovers material that can be defined as illegal by law, UTEENI reserves the right to immediately remove the listing, blacklist the business. Legal actions will also be considered. Copying, redistributing, selling or in any other way using the data from the UTEENI product/platform outside the usage defined in this document without written permission, is prohibited

4. Stored data

UTEENI has copyright and all non-material rights to the stored user information.

5. Rights in Case of a Transfer of Agreements

UTEENI reserves the right to freely transfer rights and responsibilities in this agreement partially, or in full, to a third party.

6. UTEENI's Rights and Obligations

UTEENI reserves the right to change products according to strategic market decisions made by UTEENI. UTEENI reserves the right to change these terms and conditions if UTEENI finds it necessary, and the at any given time valid terms and conditions are the ones published on this website. UTEENI considers these terms and conditions as accepted by the user when the user register a business or signs up as a regular user.

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